Ivy Alvarez


Isn’t the rain doing what it’s always done? Dressing down the atmosphere in a wash, that watery cleanse of the senses. And doesn’t it feel just like a childhood memory of itself, under the mosquito net. Behind, the blur of the world going on, outside, the biting and the blood, a temporary reprieve in sleep. Importunate, a multi-limbed orphan wanting in. We feel you. We want to be you. Omniscient and everywhere at once, then carried off to the clouds

*Filipino idiom meaning moody (literally, going with the moon)

IVY ALVAREZ is the author of verse novel Disturbance (Wales: Seren, 2013). As a MacDowell Colony Fellow, a Hawthornden Fellow, and a five-time Pushcart Prize nominee for poetry and once for fiction, both Literature Wales and the Australia Council for the Arts awarded her grants towards the writing of Disturbance. Widely-published and anthologised, her poetry also appears on a mobile app The Disappearing, in Takahē, The Age / Sydney Morning Herald, and Best Australian Poems (2009, 2013), with several poems translated into Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Her poetry collections include Mortal, Hollywood Starlet, and The Everyday English Dictionary. Her latest, Diaspora: Volume L, is available from Paloma Press.

Author’s note: “‘Buwanin’. Chosen for its feeling of needing to escape.”
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Úsapang máginoó
What remains

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