Douglas Cole


Come out of the piano store drenched as you are. The air can’t touch you. We move between raindrops like it was a miracle or maybe a bar joke, a skeleton with a mop, the skin of the cobblestone, the skull of a newborn, a sun on the horizon, a back door through the storm and a rooftop view in all directions.

DOUGLAS COLE writes, teaches and lives in Seattle, Washington. He has published six poetry collections, as well as a novella. His work has been anthologized in Best New Writing (Hopewell Publications), Bully Anthology (Kentucky Stories Press) and Coming Off The Line (Main Street Rag Publishing). His work also appears or is forthcoming in journals such as The Chicago Quarterly Review, Eastern Iowa Review, Off the Coast, Owen Wister Review, The Galway Review, Slipstream, Red Rock Review, Wisconsin Review, Two Thirds North, San Pedro River Review, Badlands, Common Ground Review, The Ocean State Review, The Raven Chronicles, Solstice, and Midwest Quarterly. He has been nominated for a Pushcart in both poetry and fiction and for a Best of the Net Award. He received the Leslie Hunt Memorial Prize in Poetry; the Best of Poetry Award from Clapboard House; as well as First Prize in the “Picture Worth 500 Words” from Tattoo Highway.
Other works
Boethius Said
Lashed to the Mast

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