Simeon Dumdum, Jr.


—For Gingging

After her lover left,
She spent each single day
Inside a coffee shop,
Watching the distant mountains
Beyond the guard outside,
Who thought that he had charmed her
And daily kept returning
To the exact same spot,
Feeling her gaze on him,
Which really went beyond,
As every true grief would
The object of the gaze,
And then she disappeared
And did not come again,
But he kept hoping that
She would return, and then,
If she showed up, he would
Make sure their eyes would meet
And then take it from there,
And so he kept returning
To where she had seen him.
The days would pass and still
There were no signs of her,
And when he realized
He had lost her for good,
He felt weak, and sat down,
And watched the distant mountains.

0-29SIMEON DUMDUM, JR. is a retired judge in the Philippines, and is the author of 11 poetry books, the latest being Marawi (2019).

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