Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum


I’d have done better had I been born
In the trees. If only I could breathe water,

Was at home wriggling my thin body
Through the earth, surfacing only

When it floods to nourish the hungry
Hatchling, lure for the rainbow trout.

If only I’d never met that girl, June,
Named by Saturn, that ringed giant

That nearly became a star. Does Saturn
Dream too of another world in which it is

A star, its moons planets inhabited
By creatures of its divine light?

Do the wild things I so yearn to be
Also grieve? Does the creek bed

Weep when rain returns? Will I ever love,
Or be loved, like that again?

0-21ANDREW MCFADYEN-KETCHUM is an award-winning author, editor, ghostwriter, & producer. He is author of two poetry collections, Visiting Hours and Ghost Gear; Acquisitions Editor for Upper Rubber Boot Books; Founder and Editor of and The Floodgate Poetry Series; and professor of creative writing at Colorado Community College.

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