Joseph G. Mendoza


—For Leoncia Gaspar

Water that seeps through
Holds the power to kiss you

Sugary sand lay in circles
For us to step on like cold pillows

A floating visage of green
and tentacled fingers

A burping hole in the sand
bubbles when waves pass by

A log smoothed by water and air
A stone once rough, now soft

The gentle breeze cascades
A lover’s echo of the past

A tonic spray of windwater
Caress salty tongues

Birds above ribbon their
flight for the wind with glee

An eternity of light, all equidistant
to its maker… the true creator

0-20Formerly of Berkeley, California, now Davao City, Philippines based, JOSEPH G. MENDOZA is currently working on his first novel and second book of poetry. Both books will be due out in the Spring of 2021.

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