Kim Shuck


Was it two weeks ago we watched smoke over San Bruno Mountain?
Now it’s clouds
Hissing rain in the time just before the lockdown
Rain in the time of quarantine
As the aloes pop blossom and the black and white cat
Attacks the silver tabby all the way down our street
The neighbor and I break it up
Talk about his aggression
We stay six feet apart
Was it yesterday we had a waffle party?
Plans and plans
Such a careful building
Our houses of words that we must now not leave
Not now
Not soon
Was it just there, just back a breath or two
We bathed each other in unmediated resonance of voice and heart
Your voice
Split tones
The honesty of exhaustion
Tense truths
There is a bag of oranges on the kitchen table

0-43KIM SHUCK embraces the fool and jester qualities of being a modern poet and artist. She is a devotee of San Francisco, whose hills she wanders nearly always on foot. Her maternal grandparents met at the Polish Hall on Shotwell and she spent many hours with her mother and grandmother wandering the Mission St. Miracle Mile, taking books out of the Mission Branch library and watching aquarium fish on the ground floor of what used to be Hale’s. She firmly believes in carrying a bubble wand, keys, pen and notebook and cats cradle string at all times. Shuck is widely published in journals, anthologies and a couple of solo books. She enjoys volunteering in SFUSD elementary school classrooms to share her loves of origami, poetry and basket making… in other words, math of various kinds. In 2019, Kim Shuck was awarded an inaugural National Laureate Fellowship from the Academy of American Poets, a PEN Oakland Censorship Award, and a Golden Poppy Award in Poetry.

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