Norma Smith


The sun comes up again.
What is it thinking?!

That the two-leggeds, their third and fourth
legs reaching to the skies for help
in their disgusting drive

To imagine everything and every time
is about them and is like them,
anthropocentric, morphic, after

They have ruined everything
their boots and gloves touched, even
from afar, everything their exhalations

Touched, must pay for all this
with their lives. I don’t know how

We are dancing now
the apocalypso,
the tarantella,
the dry salsa,
the minuet to the end.

0-45NORMA SMITH is a writer and social justice activist and organizer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has worked as a journalist, a translator-interpreter, community scholar-educator, event and conference organizer, and as an editor and writing coach and workshop facilitator. Her writing has appeared in literary, political, and academic journals. Nomadic Press published Norma’s first book of poems, HOME REMEDY, in 2017.

Other work
Early Spring in the East Bay Hills, 2020

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