Eileen R. Tabios


In winter kitchens
Warmth is found in families
Filling dough with meats—
Substance to anticipate—
Anticipation is Hope

—from EVOCARE: A Collection of Tankas © Eileen R. Tabios

0-6EILEEN R. TABIOS has released about 60 collections of poetry, fiction, essays, and experimental biographies from publishers in ten countries and cyberspace. PAGPAG: The Dictator’s Aftermath in the Diaspora (Paloma Press, 2020) is her third fiction collection. She also recently finished her first long-form novel, DoveLion. Her wide-ranging body of work includes invention of the hay(na)ku, a 21st century diasporic poetic form (whose 15-year anniversary in 2018 was celebrated in the U.S. with exhibitions, a new anthology, and readings at the San Francisco and St. Helena Public Libraries) as well as a first poetry book, Beyond Life Sentences, which received the Philippines’ National Book Award for Poetry. Translated into ten languages, she has edited, co-edited or conceptualized 15 anthologies of poetry, fiction and essays. Her writing and editing works have received recognition through awards, grants and residencies.

Author’s note: “If the poet pays attention, poems can be foretellings. I wondered if I’ve been paying attention—so when asked for poems related to ‘sheltering’ in this challenging period, I deliberately looked at previously-written poems to see if any would apply to these times. From one book, I found three tankas—I grieve that they are able to be presented recontextualized in a world whose air contains the Covid-19 Virus.”

Other work
They Purr, and They Watch

These poems are for family.

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