Maw Shein Win


intersection of vine & trapeze
the white substance poured
from her mouth last night
jug tipping         spilling onto tile

eye that repeats itself in conversation
with other eye
sleep less         suspenders
another gift from Aunt Jinny

neighbor plays cello
The Swan floats through silk drapes in hallways
extreme isolation exerts a person
radio between stations

—from Storage Unit for the Spirit House © Maw Shein Win

0-3MAW SHEIN WIN’s poetry chapbooks include Ruins of a glittering palace (SPA/Commonwealth Projects) and Score and Bone (Nomadic Press). Invisible Gifts: Poems was published by Manic D Press in 2018. Win is the first poet laureate of El Cerrito (2016-2018). Her second full-length poetry collection, Storage Unit for the Spirit House, will be published by Omnidawn in Fall 2020.

Other works
Quiver, fern

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