Rosemary Ybarra-Garcia


Solitude snakes
through the air
in a silent note

stratocumulus clouds are
running dogs, ghostly faces,
fuzzy bats, a smudged Italy

The air flows through rooms,
riding on the swipe of a hand,
the hem of a skirt, on headphones

The toilet seat, once a flapping
tongue, stifling the air,
is quiet, lamblike

A new dress hangs celibate
in the closet

All this interrupted occasionally
by a serendipitous scream,
an angry yell, tearful words,

chatty laughter, spreading white teeth,
chewing sounds, contented yawns,
an electronic beep

A consortium of concerns,
paychecks, rent, food,
work, vacations,

marches in and out
like soldiers bloodied by war,
in step with waves of covid-19

In our snug harbor,
we live in calm confusion,
sort of safe, sort of not

0-1ROSEMARY YBARRA-GARCIA is an educator and a life-long poet. She holds graduate degrees in education, English, and Creative Writing from U.C.Davis and San Francisco State University. Prior to her retirement, Rosemary was employed by the California Community Colleges and U. C. Davis, where she held positions of lecturer, instructor, dean, and vice president. She dedicated her career to helping students achieve their educational goals and thus improve their lives.

 Over the years, she has been a featured poet at coffee shops, book stores, women’s study classes, and at special venues such as “Women and the Muse” in Santa Cruz, “Floricanto in Xochitle” in Cuicatle, and “Flower and Song” at the De Young Museum.

 Her poetry has been included in several publications: Lighthouse Point: An Anthology of Santa Cruz Writers; New to North America: Writing by Immigrants, Their Children and Grandchildren; California Quarterly: A California State Poetry Society Publication; Poetry Quarterly; Prolific Press; Calyx Press; River Poets Journal; and Lily Press.

 Rosemary lives with her husband and their dog in Half Moon Bay, California.

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