Albert Mills

“Monday mornings in your house, a little different than mine…”

ALBERT MILLS is the Poet Laureate of the State of Delaware. He is a community-based social worker deeply rooted in the juvenile justice system. Mills has designed and led organizations that provide services for delinquent youth and their families. As a therapist, he serves New Castle County Delaware’s Multisystemic Therapy Services. Mills is a certified A.R.T. therapist, and takes pride in his efforts to utilize art as a tool for foundational change in youth, families, communities, and our society. A cofounder of G.O.A.L.S., and S.Y.A.-Tutoring and Mentoring Programs in Wilmington, Mills is also an honored army veteran who served in Iraq and speaks about his struggles with PTSD as a result of the war.

Mills and his twin, Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha, member of the Delaware House of Representatives and also Poet Laureate of Delaware, are the subject of a new documentary, Art for Life, which chronicles the brothers’ efforts to improve peoples’ lives through their work and words. Mills, who is running for Wilmington City Council, and Representative Chukwuocha are 2020 Poets Laureate Fellows of the Academy of American Poets.

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