Scott Bird


Being Joyful in the time
of the Big Radical Sad
is a revolutionary act.
Buying a bottle of wine with what’s left
after the rent check clears
is a revolutionary act.
Chopping celery and carrots for a soup
you may make for tomorrow’s supper
is a revolutionary act.
Giving time to smile and visit with a fellow
on the street, though you’ve nothing else to give,
is a revolutionary act.
Being happy and Queer
having mirth while Black and Brown
being a strong oak to those who call you Momma
having a full heart though it is in many pieces
is revolutionary.
Doing all things in Love
while the whole world straddles the Hate Divide
is a revolutionary act.
                         loving radically.
This you shall do above all else—this revolutionary act.


Let this be the year that minds crack open wide
Spilling over with all that the
Eyes can hear and ears can see
With all that the heart can sing
And mouths can beat
With hands that walk and giving feet
I look into the blur of city lights
And see bodies smiting their eggshell exoskeletons and taking flight
I see knowing and knowledge
Brimming over the edges of thought
Building bridges that have brought bringings and
Truth bells in steeple minds ringing.
And temple selves uprooting foundations to walk the streets singing.
Let this be the ripest fruit of the life tree freeing
Itself from low hanging limbs.
Let this be the time we reach out our hands to grasp it.
Let this be the time that the crisp truth of it All
Drips off of loving tongues and lips.
Let this new age grab us by the hips
Dancing, singing, rejoicing
Let this be the year for voicing that the sacred lives
Lives love in you in me in everything we see.
Let this be.
Let it be.


Written at the summit of Telegraph Hill, San Francisco on November 23, 2019 in a prescient moment which I now breathe into 2021.


SCOTT BIRD is a poet, painter, musician and activist in San Francisco, CA. At 26, he is the youngest member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade of San Francisco and one of the co-editors of their latest international poetry anthology Building Socialism. He is originally from a working class, ranching family in Western Colorado.

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