Robert Pesich


The latest language deployed from the WH
for the new civilizing mission also demands quick trials

Pardoned, Corn and Cob spend the night
at The Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The lieutenant general tweets to his patrons appreciation
for his own pardon

Federal prison staff receive revised protocols to also use
electrocution, firing squad, and gas
to meet rapidly approaching deadlines

The press reached out to Health and Human Services
to respond to further allegations of missing children and
organ thefts but received only

Even morning runs away from the cops

It’s the morning after. The President likes to lick the grease
especially off his knife appreciating
the additional bite and taste of his own



The great white Trump Hearse
now on the move
in Houston Texas
to tail the Biden Harris Bus

and from shotgun
someone bullhorning
Collecting Democrat Votes
One Dead Still At A Time

the motorcycle officer
throwing a thumbs up
a clear to move against the light
three kids across the street

already at work trick-or-treating
Black Panther, Thanos and
Notorious RBG
wearing surgical masks

except the girl
who stretches it under her chin
as she laughs while swinging
her claw hammer



Time of the headless
horsemen delivering midnight mail
little brown boxes
full of dried eyelids
fluttering inside
to the sound of the voice.

Time now to answer the door.
Time when our home hides
inside its dirty dead-

Time to admit Baba Yaga
has not left our neck
of the woods.

Time for you to count
the number of baby teeth
hanging around the neck of your night
says the card on the box…

They eat through the lid
fly straight for your breath
the eyelids
eating away your face
eating away your name
as you sleep.

0-21ROBERT PESICH is editor and publisher at Swan Scythe Press (, president of Poetry Center San José (, and coordinator for Well-RED Reading Series. Featured in Content Magazine, his work has appeared in 7×7, The Bitter Oleander, Red Wheelbarrow, Sand Hill Review, Santa Clara Review, Slipstream, sPARKLE & bLINK, and Arsenic Lobster among others. Work also appears in the alphabet book Wondering the Alphabet (Bitter Oleander Press, 2017) and the anthology And We the Creatures edited by C.J. Sage (Dream Horse Press, 2003). He has received poetry fellowships from SVCreates, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and was thrice a Djerassi Resident Artist Fellow and nominated four times for a Pushcart Prize. He is author of Burned Kilim (Dragonfly Press, 2001) and Model Organism (Five Oaks Press, 2017). He works as a research associate for Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research and for Stanford University, Dept. of Infectious Diseases.

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