Elijah Pringle III


Jeg er innvandrer
Я иммигрант
Sono un immigrate
Eu sou um imigrante
Soy un inmigrante
I am an immigrant
Je suis un immigrant

저는 이민자입니다.
Jsem imigrant.
أنا مهاجر
Я иммигрант
Ich bin ein Immigrant
Mimi ni mhamiaji
Ik ben een immigrant
ስደተኛ ነኝ
Ako’y isang imigrante
Bevándorló vagyok.
ମୁଁ ଜଣେ ପ୍ରବାସୀ
Sou imigrante
Abụ m onye mbịambịa
Ko ha tokotaha hikifonua au
Ek is ‘n immigrant
Saya seorang imigran

We are all immigrants so say the
Cherokee the Apache the Navajo
the Sioux the Crow the Odawa
the Osage the Cheyenne the Ute
the Omaha the Lenape the Pima
So say all the tribes I forgot to say

pringleElijah Pringle III, an “artivist” and former training specialist and Director of Training currently on sabbatical, is focusing his time on writing and editing. He is an advisor for Moonstone Art Center and a poetry editor for ToHo Journal. Elijah has appeared on stage, radio and TV and was one of the hosts for “Who Do You Love?,” a talk show on PhillyCam. Published both nationally and internationally, Elijah comes from a strong tradition of educators.

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